MADV was founded in April 2015, and became a Mi ecosystem partner in July of that year. As a science and technology company, we concentrate on letting users relive any moment in full panorama with 360 degree shooting. Our mission is to allow more people the ability record, create and share their unforgettable experiences easily and more completely with panoramic images.

Madventure 360 Camera, the first product built by MADV, uses a self-developed Catadioptric lens module with a right-angle prism. This feature makes 360 panoramic video and photo shooting come to life. The product’s effective pixels reach 24MP, or 7K. While the body is ultra-small and thin, the MADV360 has achieved international IP67 rating which allows it to be waterproof. Madventure 360 Camera will become a staple in the personal panoramic market.

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